Do you know that feeling, when you look back and understand that everything happens for a reason? That there aren’t coincidences, and after much work and dedication everything just fits perfectly? That’s how we feel when we remember the struggles and victories of the last 40 years. 

But … Wait a second. Those weren’t our last 40 years. Those were our FIRST 40 years! Through listening and observing people and cultures from the four corners of the earth, we learned that there’s one simple trick for a fulfilling life.  

We just need to open our hearts for the neverending gifts that fate cares to provide each and every day of our lives: scents, flavors, feelings and melodies… those tiny little moments that make it all worth it. Those are the experiences that will lead us through the next 40 years with strength, unity and an unwavering faith in our great purpose: to live life at its best. Never leave for tomorrow the love you can feel today. Because life’s amazing, right now. 

Jardim’s new collection celebrates life, focusing on details to inspire brand new connections. The stories, dreams and desires we share with people are the things that make every moment unique and irreplaceable. Those bonds shape ourselves, and through them we become one with all, and all with one. 

All our models are customizable. Between colors, prints, fabrics and many other details, you can get just the right combination among thousands of variations. Give your personal touch and have it your way, fostering unique ambiences.